Musical collaboration by the... 

Mystic Frequency Collaborative


Our music invites you into a deeper and more intimate relationship with God. 


Bring your spirit, soul, and body into greater alignment with the unconditional love of God. 


Allow your entire being - spirit, soul, and body to come into greater wholeness.


Allow yourself to go on a journey of exploration where God shows you creation as it was intended.

Who are we?

We are a group of musicians desiring to explore the many dimensions of worship as we step into the heavenly realms.

  • Our music is a collaborative effort
  • There's no lead singer or director
  • Our music is spontaneous and unrehearsed
  • Our music is "spirit led"
  • Our creative process is improvisational and intuitive
  • Intent is an important feature that directs our focus

After fostering friendships with one another, the music making begins. We are like-minded and understand that our relationship with God (Yahweh) is the key factor in our creative process. 

Our music flows from a mystical point of view in that we create while "in the spirit." We engage with all of creation during the process and explore what that sounds like through the use of vocals, a variety of percussion instruments, keyboard, guitar, and some very unconventional instruments as well. What does it sound like in heaven and the cosmos? We bring what we see, hear, sense and feel from a heavenly perspective into the music -music that often tells a story. 

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Our Team


Joanne Dusatko


Diane Holladay


Del Hungerford


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  • Personal keyboard songs are created by Del Hungerford.
  • Crystal bowl sound baths can be done by anyone on the team.
  • VST sessions and other healing modalities are offered on the individual websites. 

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Reach us is through our individual websites or via messenger on our Facebook page.